So you want to craft a killer pitch deck

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So, you want to craft a great pitch deck. You want to come up with something authentic, but also informed by past successes. Hell, you probably want to avoid common mistakes and get a feel for what other startup founders are using to raise capital.

Good news: TechCrunch+ has all of that, and more, ready to go. Through our weekly Pitch Deck Teardown series, we’ve analyzed gobs of pitch decks that succeeded in raising capital. Thanks to in-house expert Haje Kamps, a former founder and venture investor, we have both-sides-of-the-table perspective on what makes a great pitch deck. And what to avoid!

Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite teardowns:

  • Here’s the deck that Gable used to raise its $12 million Series A. We found its explanation of the problem it is solving, and its traction slides to particularly excellent.
  • Here’s the deck that MiO used to raised $550,000 in a pre-seed deal. In this case, we found that its team slides and discussion of its value proposition to be more than strong.
  • Here’s the deck that StudentFinance used to raise a mammoth $41 million Series A. In this case, the problem space outline was excellent, and we were beyond impressed at how much capital it raised for its age, even if its business model outline could have been a bit clearer in the presentation.

We have decks from angel rounds through late-stage, which you can find here.

But a word of advice before we let you go: If you have more than one business model, you don’t have a business model. Don’t be afraid to focus.

Good luck out there, and happy (capital) hunting!




So you want to craft a killer pitch deck by Alex Wilhelm originally published on TechCrunch

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