Theatre is a powerful medium that transcends language, and Marina Zurita is a theater director and maker who understands that better than anyone else.

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Marina is currently based in New York City and has made a name for herself by centering her work around stories that give a voice to the marginalized and unheard.

Her unique approach to storytelling has led her to become a Directing Fellow at Et Alia Theater Company in NYC and the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, among other accolades.

Marina’s work is defined by her ability to make space for her collaborators while driving her projects forward. Her research topics often center around people on the front lines of the climate crisis, and she has developed two original plays based on interviews with Brazilian waste pickers titled Mother Tongue and Riven.

Marina’s passion for storytelling has taken her all the way back to Brazil, where she spent two months in 2021 conducting interviews with Brazilian waste pickers, culminating in over 300 pages of stories about the lives of those who work tirelessly to clean our world.

However, Marina’s success hasn’t come without its challenges. As an immigrant artist living in the US, her visa status has often put her work and artistry at risk.

But it is this constant struggle that has made her work harder and achieve things she never thought possible, such as becoming the associate Director of an off-Broadway show and a fellow at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Marina’s work has been deeply influenced by the directors Simon Stone, Christiane Jatahy, and Bia Lessa, who have all reimagined myths and stories of the past into the present with their boldness, originality, and strong sense of aesthetic.

Marina Zurita’s dedication to giving voice to the voiceless has redefined theatre, and her work will continue to inspire and make a difference for years to come.

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