If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to young talent, think again. James Chan, a 13-year-old kid magician and juggler, is taking the world by storm with his unique and jaw-dropping performances.

From juggling flaming torches to picking pockets, James is not your average kid entertainer.

James’ journey began at age 5 when he started juggling three balls. By age 8, he was juggling five balls and at age 10, he added three flaming torches to his act.

At age 12, he had already made two national television appearances, which included Kids Say the Darndest Things and Access Daily with Penn & Teller.

But James’ most recent accomplishment is being accepted into the most prestigious magic society in the world – The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. And the best part? He’s only 13!

What Makes James Chan Stand Out

James’ unique skills and talent set him apart from other performers in the industry. He can juggle three flaming torches while also picking pockets – a rare feat that only a handful of people can accomplish. And did we mention he’s only 13 years old?

But what really sets James apart is his determination to prove that age is just a number. Despite facing assumptions and skepticism based on his age, James has worked hard to build his reputation and earn the trust of his clients.

How James Chan Overcame Challenges

Like many young entrepreneurs, James faced challenges due to his age. But he overcame them by providing social proof and showcasing his talent through videos and national television appearances.

James says that when people see the amount of video and social proof he has, they start trusting him and his abilities.

James’ Top 3 People To Meet

James has big dreams and aspirations for his career, and he’s not afraid to aim high. His top three people to meet include the President or a former President, royalty, and a show-runner.

Meeting the President or royalty would provide great marketing opportunities for James, while meeting a show-runner could help him land a spot on America’s Got Talent.

James Chan is not your average kid magician and juggler. His unique skills and determination have set him apart from others in the industry.

And with his recent acceptance into The World Famous Magic Castle, it’s clear that James’ talent and hard work have paid off.

So, if you’re looking for a young performer who can add a touch of magic and excitement to your event, look no further than James Chan – the kid magician and juggler who crashes parties for a living!

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