Los Angeles-based actress, host, and content creator Hannah Fletcher is known for her ability to create entertaining and positive content across various platforms.

With a BFA in Acting and a passion for creating content, Hannah has established herself as a unique figure in the entertainment industry.

Authenticity, listening abilities, and a drive for success are the qualities that make Hannah stand out in the industry. She believes that these qualities are evident in her work and projects.

From comedic Tiktoks to vlogs and product reviews, Hannah loves to create content in all forms, always aiming to inspire and entertain her audience.

Hannah’s passion for creating content began in childhood, where she spent her time writing scripts and curating skits and mini-talk shows.

During the pandemic, she launched a passion project of hers, a podcast called “Hey Han,” which has opened her eyes to the positive impact she can have on her audience. The podcast has taught her how to curate effective content and reignited her passion for interviewing.

Despite her successes, Hannah has faced challenges, particularly with technology and algorithms. However, she believes that passion, drive, consistency, and content quality are the controllable factors that lead to success.

Looking ahead, Hannah has big dreams and aspirations for her career. When asked about the top three people she’d like to meet to take her career to the next level, she mentioned Melissa McCarthy, Jeannie Mai, and Chris Pratt.

Hannah’s ability to share positivity and laughter through her content is inspiring. She has proven that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible in the entertainment industry.

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