From Louisiana to Georgia, Darius Washington, better known as Pasqualé Domain, is an emerging model who is rapidly expanding his portfolio.

While he began his modeling journey in June 2019, Pasqualé has quickly risen through the ranks in the industry. His ambition, understanding, efficiency, and undeniable passion for the art that he creates set him apart from his peers.

In an interview with Pasqualé, he talked about the moment that solidified his passion for his craft after his first runway in Baton Rouge.

He was later chosen to walk for Essence Fest in New Orleans, where he met two designers from Atlanta who recruited him.

That year, he went on to walk his first fashion show in Atlanta for his 25th birthday, which encouraged him to move to Atlanta and form a stronger foundation for his future pursuits.

Pasqualé acknowledges that one of the biggest challenges he faces is self-critiquing and holding himself back from certain accolades due to a lack of trust in himself.

To overcome this, he practices self-acceptance daily through prayer and pursuing what he loves.

When asked about the top three people he would like to meet to take his career to the next level, Pasqualé mentioned three well-known names in the industry: Alton Mason, Tyra Banks, and Naomi Campbell.

Later this year, Pasqualé will be attending New York Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week to showcase what he has learned and the growth he has achieved since he began his modeling journey.

With his charisma, passion, and hard work, Pasqualé is sure to make a name for himself in the industry.

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