Manvi Ranghar is a multi-talented artist, healer, and visionary. She has created a unique path for herself, fusing her passions for creativity, spirituality, and community living. Her work spans across various mediums, including acting, writing, yoga teaching, and Vipassana meditation.

In a recent interview with The LA Note Magazine, Manvi shared her experiences and insights on her journey and what makes her unique in the industry.

Creating a Triangle of Synchronicity

Manvi believes that the key to a fulfilling life lies in the intersection between what we live for, how we live, and how we express that living. She is currently working on a creative healing model and workshop that unites her various areas of expertise.

Her vision is to design a new social contract that promotes self-awareness, free thought, and empathy. Manvi’s approach is grounded in her experiences in community living projects like Sadhana Forest, unschooling, and other experiments that challenge the status quo.

From Kani to Hulu: A Journey of Sovereignty

Manvi founded Kani, a cultural gathering and immersive art experience at the age of twenty. The event aimed to move people beyond their fear and into creative expression. Since then, she has worked as an actress for the theatre company, The Mirror Merchants, and acted in national commercials.

She then moved to Sadhana Forest, where she learned about unschooling, nonviolent communication, and water conservation. Her experiences led her to work as an academic editor, traveling across fifteen countries.

Manvi worked with filmmaker Anand Gandhi at Memesys Culture Lab, where they designed a political board game and wrote a science fiction television show. The project later became a Hulu TV show.

Manvi received a scholarship from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and studied method acting in New York. Her approach to her work is rooted in sovereignty, which she describes as hunting in the fringes, at the bottom of lakes, in the deep eyes of those who don’t belong, and in the base of her heart and gut.

Freedom Through Venn Diagrams, Not Ladders

For Manvi, success looks like growing old when one has worked on life like a true craftsman, where there are no memories left that have not become things. She believes that creativity is the oldest human instinct and a place where existence has a chance at meaning.

Manvi is not chasing something for which there is a goal or a map. Her ambition is a Venn diagram, not a ladder. She is free from the pedagogy bestowed on her and has the chance to design a radically new way of living, born of self-awareness and free thought.

Manvi Ranghar is a creative healer who is designing a new social contract. Her work is rooted in her experiences in community living projects and her passion for creativity, spirituality, and empathy.

Her journey is a testament to the power of sovereignty and the importance of intersectionality in one’s approach to life. Manvi’s vision is one that challenges the status quo and promotes self-awareness, free thought, and empathy.

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