In an exclusive interview with The LA Note Magazine, Indie-pop artist Lorenna shared her story of how writing and producing music has been a therapeutic way of coping with her struggles with mental health.

Lorenna, whose real name is Analisa Lorenna Corral, is from the San Francisco Bay area and is now based in Los Angeles.

Writing songs is Lorenna’s way of making sense of her thoughts and emotions. She has released an album called Sugar Pills and has written freelance for other artists and companies.

However, Lorenna’s latest project is an indie-pop EP called Checklist Love, which will be released in January 2022. This EP is different from her previous work as it is about love and relationships.

Lorenna’s traumatic experiences from her family’s mental illness struggles have frozen her natural emotional development.

Still, during quarantine, she realized that she was starting to heal and experience real emotions and relationships. Pop music is Lorenna’s favorite genre because it can completely change her mental state.

In the interview, Lorenna discussed the biggest challenge she has faced: developing Tardive Dyskinesia, a neurological muscle movement disorder triggered by medication she was taking for her mental health issues.

She had painful muscle spasms constantly, and daily activities were very painful for years. She had to let go of some instruments she was playing because it was too painful, such as the violin and even the guitar until the pain subsided over time.

Lorenna also talked about overcoming the fact that some men in power would try to abuse their power and ask her to do things she was not comfortable with or simply not respect her in the music industry.

She had to leave many sessions because she was uncomfortable, or she realized they weren’t there for the music.

Lorenna stated that she just wants to work with more producers, and the creation of music is what she loves the most.

Lorenna’s new EP, Checklist Love, is a must-listen for anyone who loves indie-pop music. Her unique perspective and experience make her stand out in the industry, and her story of overcoming challenges will inspire many.

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